Hi there, and welcome to my blog!. My name is Matt, and I love cooking, baking, and learning about the history of what we eat. I grew up in Southern California’s Inland Empire, and still live here. This area is not very well known for its food culture…unless you count the past. Many vineyards, citrus groves, and olive groves blanketed this area until the 1980’s. My mission with this blog, is to educate myself, and help others in this area become more aware of food culture. And of course, share recipes and techniques, and stories along the way. And while this may be mostly about me, I love to hear the sotries of other peoples food experiences.

Hopefully as we grow together, we both will gain some knowledge, and courage to try new things.

So I already know what your first question is…”whats with the name?”

To answer, Let me tell you a short story. When I was a kid, my mother, who will be known from here on out as Mommarella, kept insisting that I do chores. The nerve of that woman to give a growing boy structure and a good work eithic! Me, being a whiney brat of an ungreatful child, complained. Loudly.

Mom started calling me Matterella…well, because in our house, Disney movies were all the rage, and Cinderella was the movie of choice at the moment. Not MY movie of choice (that would have been The Little Mermaid…don’t make me weep in shame…please.), but none the less the one in heaviest rotation on VHS.

So now you know. I’ll answer to both.

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