Breakfast Week!

Now that everything has calmed down in the Real world, and the new year has begun, we are off and running!   I know it has been almost three weeks since my last post, and I promise promise promise to make up for it.

This week all the posts on the old blog will be about my favorite meal of the day: Breakfast!  I know a lot of us are on the go, whether we be mom or dad, single or married, or just late for work.  The recipes I have planned for you are all make ahead, quick, and above all, simple.  We all need a little something in the morning with our drive-thru cup o’joe, and they will all hit the spot, give you something fast to tuck in your lunch bag as a morning snack, or something to nibble while getting ready for work.   These are not your typical muffins or doughnuts, oh no.  One of them is new, one is an oldie but a goodie that you may not know about, and the third is something I found while browsing food blogs this past weekend, and thankfully Google has a translator.  My Italian is non va bene, and I had to track down an ingredient, that turned out to not be hiding but widely available!  Join me on my breakfast adventure this week, and maybe we can learn something about breakfast together!