As I begin my adventure, I want to say welcome aboard my journey!  I have been trying to get this site going for almost a year, but as life got in the way, with complications, and an unexpected move (TWICE!) it got pushed to the back burner.  I plan on making this a no nonsense, simple approach to learning new techniques, as well as attempting the recipes and ideas in baking that I never took the time, or was too timid to try.  Come along with me as I adventure off the beaten path of boxed cake mix and “home made” recipes, and verge onto the trail of a new kind of home made.  French pastry, old classics, updated ideas, and eventually some modernist techniques are all things I have wanted to try.  Julie and Julia this isn’t, but I will definitely be paying homage to the greats (Julia Child included!), as well as new people in the world of food.  And as I love learning about things, I may throw in a story or two about the history of a certain idea or technique, and a review or two of items I want to try, or have tried.  This is a learning process.  I hope you learn from me, and I hope to learn from your thoughts and ideas through your comments.  Load up the gear, and lets kick off the adventure!